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Photography by @Sylvaindeleuphotographer

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Elizabeth was born in Brazil into an old-fashioned family of Polish and Egyptian descent. Her aspirations were defined by the contours of her parents’ expectations. Signs of individuality and expressions of personal identity were boxed in. The conflict between confinement and liberation shaped her life.

Elizabeth’s work draws upon this conflict by stretching the geometric limitations of the square. Hand-built porcelain sculptures transform the rigid properties of the square to bring out curvilinear possibilities that express movement and liberation. Through the intimate physicality of the making, she distorts, bends and twists the walls to create fluid, open-form sculptures, which erupt into a choreography of playful abstract forms.

Porcelain’s transformative qualities under the effect of heat and time introduce an element of chance that contributes to their smooth biomorphic aesthetic. Their pure colour and form, delineated by a delicate outline, bring out hints of minimalism. The fine and translucent properties of the material convey an element of apparent fragility, yet once touched, the porcelain reveals itself to be hard and unyielding.

Elizabeth’s work evokes a balance between control and freedom, between strength and fragility, between confinement and liberation.

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