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Photography by @MichaelHarvey

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Elizabeth’s work speaks of self-acceptance. It confronts and questions expectations of perfection and the liberating emotions of embracing who we are and our limitations.


Release draws upon her childhood trauma and the internal dilemma of wanting to be herself but needing to submit to her parents’ expectations.


Her sculptural ceramic forms express the conflict between conformity and independence, by suggesting internal pressures that reveal the tensions created between the desire to individuate and the need to comply with what is expected of you.


The work illustrates this transformation, the constant ebb and flow of relinquishing control and breaking from rigidity to allow a more fluid and flexible identity. In so doing, it discloses and embraces imperfections which would usually be hidden or discarded.


Pure white sculptures in Parian clay, distinguished by its satin sheen, reference notions of porcelain’s elegance and the confines of tradition it entails. By gently distorting a perfect geometrical shape, Elizabeth transforms its rigid structure to allow an asymmetric aesthetic that conveys movement, fluidity, and change. This process culminates in a point of rupture – liberation – expressed by embracing the beauty of shattered edges and accentuating the stress cracks with fine silver.


Elements of rigidity harmoniously coexist with the sensuality of curves and signs of rupture in a balance between conformity and liberation.

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